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檔名:1453553162483.png-(176 KB) 預覽
176 KB【Developer Q&A】2016/01/23 名稱: 無名氏 [16/01/23(六)20:46 ID:pQDidw3Q (Host: *.google.com)] No.36065 6推 

Have a Q&A ready for you, I understand that many been asking why I there haven't been Q&As like before and saying its my fault when its not the reality of things, its simple actually, Storm has been radio silent for nearly a month, even the Russians been crying over that, quoting their words, “holidays are over and gingerbread has gone hard” but he seems to have become fed up of all the whining and crying. And hey, whining and crying is alright, I get it everyday , but the issue is when people do it without bringing any constructivism and in my opinion that's what drove the guy away, although, that doesn't affect me, you see, I have no soul.
這裡準備了一份QA。我理解很多人在問為什麼沒有像之前那樣的日常QA,而且開始說是我的問題,而其實並不是這樣。真相只是Storm已經接近一個月沒有怎麼露過面了,毛子的群眾也按耐不住 ​​開始說“假都放完了黃花菜都快爛了你咋還不出來”,但是Storm表示他已經受夠了這些抱怨。你看,被噴這種事情是很常見的,我就天天被噴,但是當群眾毫無建設性的瞎噴的時候,這就是讓那些真正幹活的人失望的時候了。當然了,這並不會影響到我——畢竟我們是無心怪嘛。

Anyway, this Q&A has been provided by Slava , I picked the questions from those who were and been the most constructive in comment RSR sections, hopefully (and I haven't asked yet) we could make this a often thing.

In WWII the tanks of western nations had various means of making smoke, either laying it on their own location or shooting it across the battlefield from their main gun. If you look particularly at the British tanks you can see smoke pots or smoke dischargers on practically everything beyond Tier VII. The Soviets almost (but not quite) ignored the value of smoke from AFVS. Germans and Yanks so-so. Not sure about other nations. This has been a major omission from the game in my book. They even have the concept in WoWs with Destroyer smoke screens. Why not in Wot? I remain a big LT fan in WoT, but it is hard work.

– Smoke screens probably yes at some point, let's start with artillery smoke shells first. And no, Soviets had an easy way to lay smoke screens with the device attached to the diesel engine exhaust ports

“Changes like this would prevent people from trying to use AMX40s as scouts because “hey, it's a light tank.”
There are people that do this?

– Sure you can use any tank as scout, the point is that scout tanks would get more rewards for scouting

Could you please ask about low tier map rotation?

-We need to remove shitty maps, including low tier maps, Mittengard!

Any chance there was some mention of a time table for all these coming changes?

-Some will be in May patch

Did anyone remember to ask WG about credits and high tier vehicles, because trying to make profit in an E-75 without a premium account is practically mission impossible?

-Sorry that's why you need a premium tank or account or skill in farming with low tiers. High tiers are not supposed to be profitable tho you can make money with tanks like t-150 and pay for E-75 expenses. Years ago I used Su-85 to pay for everything I needed Over 1000 battles in it.

“What if active Sixth Sense allowed you to see through concealment for a short time as well as the passive benefit?”
How about just removing 6th sense from the game?

-Never. Without it, the price of a single mistake would skyrocket.

About swedish tanks or romanian ?
WG: (゚∀。)<you see, I have no soul. (2wOucG3w 16/01/23 20:54)
無名氏: 二手神也上k島? (OFQaBchg 16/01/24 11:21)
原串: 啥二手神? 我只是去看有沒有新QA翻譯而已 (zBpTYhnA 16/01/24 12:53)
無名氏: 哇 轉貼翻譯還不附出處 真有禮貌 (LiZmwuf. 16/01/25 21:35)
無名氏: 對樓上說對不起,原來有附在下面,非常抱歉! (LiZmwuf. 16/01/25 21:36)
無名氏: (´◓Д◔`)Ԡっ゛uccu (ggBuEU4I 16/01/26 12:15)
【Developer Q&A】2016/01/23 之二 名稱: 無名氏 [16/01/23(六)20:49 ID:3nbCcy3E (Host: *.google.com)] No.36066 16推  
 檔名:1453553368734.jpg-(25 KB) 預覽 25 KB
-Yes for Swedish

What is that cluster shell? Would it explode in the air and cover a big area with huge shrapnels?

-More of a high caliber HE shells, T92 for example. Cluster shells did not exist in WW2

And no MM improvement?!

-Yes there would be MM improvement. What kind of Improvement are you asking for?

How about giving the existing equipments an extra benefit or somewhat different effect if equipped to particular class, just like the camo paint effect differ from each class..?

-Yes, definitely.

BTW camo does benefit smaller vehicles more.

A unique set or unique piece of equipments for each nations to make the characteristic of a nation more apparent is perhaps nice.. Like, an equip that is only applicable to German's that give more accuracy, an improved shell that give more rng into +40 /-25 into Russian's, etc.. That'll make a nation too strong at an aspect? Well, that's the whole point of difference in playstyle, no..?
每個國家特有的一個或者是一組裝備,讓國家的特色更加凸現出來…比如說只有德國車可以用的增加精準度的,毛子可以用的讓砲彈的RNG閾值變成-25/+40之類的……這樣改會讓某些國家過強嗎?不過這就是遊戲性的區別,不改一下 ​​?

-Unique national equip? May be.

“The buff to the machinegun turret on the T110E5 was unintended” ok, but its ok for is7 to have an inpenetrable turret?
“Buff T110E5的砲塔完全是無意為之的”行行行 你厲害,但是IS-7有個打不穿的砲塔就沒問題了是嗎?

-Yes. Because it was impenetrable at the time and E5 was never built. E5 at the moment is a much better tank than IS7.

WG admitted there was a problem with corridor maps… and then said they aren't going to change the maps but the tanks instead… :(why WG why?

-We will change maps, starting with removal of corridor ones.

But, what about the Chieftain's implementation in the game?

-We need a new T10 Brit heavy, I hope Chieftain will do, but it seems that there was a problem with it's armor- not as good as expected.

How about just decreasing the damage of prem. ammo by 50% . That way we will get higher penetration but lower damage.Problem solved. Why complicating something that can be easily done ?
你看,要麼直接把金幣彈的傷害砍掉50 %。這樣的話穿深變高但是傷害降低了,一切都解決了。你們為什麼要把簡單問題複雜化呢?

-No. Rebalancing prem ammo is okay tho. Things like 420 pen HEAT will have to go away.

Why cant we pick which maps to take with arty?

-I have a WoT client with map picking feature. Improves win rate A LOT. So the answer is no.

Nobody mentioned historical battles?

-No historical battles until we have PvE scripts+bots. Noone wanted to play historical low level tanks, everyone wanted to gib lowbie Pz3s with Su152s. With PvE bots, bots will play lowbie tanks and players get to gib them in top tanks.

源自 http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.nl/2016/01/23012016-q.html
無名氏: (゚∀。)<大家都想開SU-152幹掉對面的3號...華生你突破盲點了 (IPpq5PFo 16/01/23 21:07)
無名氏: BOT直接跟中國人買不就行了?他們的BOT已經強到有47%勝率了 (7SeBjhzI 16/01/23 21:16)
無名氏: 他們的BOT聰明到還可以微調參數,分析小地圖,解析圖像,不過CPU需求就.... (7SeBjhzI 16/01/23 21:17)
貓車長◆anL1.Had8w: (σ゚д゚)σ<PVE做不出來就放掉啦!少在那邊騙玩家。 (hwaYKGeQ 16/01/23 22:35)
原串: PVE他們應該做的出來 只是還在調整難度吧 (06fSaJAo 16/01/23 22:39)
貓車長◆anL1.Had8w: (╬゚д゚)σ講多久了!!什麼都沒端出來... (hwaYKGeQ 16/01/23 22:42)
無名氏: (╬゚д゚)ノ彡┴─┴..........酋長放中坦線啦幹~ (WcOlowI6 16/01/23 22:45)
無名氏: 放你麻痺 快去解你的任務 酋長是重坦的 (DVatvodc 16/01/23 23:33)
無名氏: E5之前不是說要還要砍嗎...所以現在說那是HD模型的無意效果就沒事了?? (tbbV0H36 16/01/24 02:12)
無名氏: (゚3゚)PS4版都有BOT了 (DlqbQyR6 16/01/24 11:19)
無名氏: (゚3゚)BOT應該是做得出來,只是伺服器能不能承受這麼多BOT供應PVE就是另一回事了... (p.gCp9ow 16/01/24 13:06)
無名氏: (゚3゚)畢竟掛機廚掛一個就夠了,可是PVE的話要掛成千上萬個的啊 (p.gCp9ow 16/01/24 13:07)
貓車長◆anL1.Had8w: (`・ω・´)<掛機廚什麼的~講了一圈重點就是做不出來阿!!! (IB9.rMP. 16/01/24 16:34)
無名氏: (゚∀。)怪我囉 (p.gCp9ow 16/01/24 16:43)
貓車長◆anL1.Had8w: (´ー`)<當然是WG阿!神嘴耶~ (IB9.rMP. 16/01/24 17:01)
原串: (゚∀。)不不 神嘴的只有SerB而已 (efcqNXYk 16/01/24 19:23)
無標題 名稱: 無名氏 [16/01/23(六)21:16 ID:06fSaJAo (Host: *.google.com)] No.36067 6推  
 檔名:1453554967183.jpg-(117 KB) 預覽 117 KB
在ritastatusreport上看到的作弊模組 已經有人能做出能夠看到未開光的車輛模組了.....(想要...

無名氏: (゚3゚)<看樣子是入侵封包式的軟件... (IPpq5PFo 16/01/23 21:21)
無名氏: (゚3゚)<應該是類似多數FPS的Cheat mod (IPpq5PFo 16/01/23 21:22)
無名氏: 作者有說此mod不外流,另外這個mod要對面也有人裝才有用 (2wOucG3w 16/01/23 21:27)
無名氏: (゚3゚)<這樣的話只要對面有裝的人有看不到的隊友,那就沒法顯示了啦... (p.gCp9ow 16/01/24 21:32)
無名氏: 這玩意已經嚴重影響平衡了.... (0YC213Cs 16/01/25 03:21)
無名氏: 兩隊都要有人裝才會有效果,所以一旦流出來不是互看就是無間道 (LbEhW01A 16/01/25 07:07)
無標題 名稱: 無名氏 [16/01/23(六)21:27 ID:EqY8bSQ6 (Host: 114-46-*.dynamic.hinet.net)] No.36068 11推  



例如Himmelsdorf ...北、南二邊一樣慘,SPG想到左


例如Ruinberg ..還貼心的設計了不同時節版本(能想像當時

無名氏: 誰叫人很自私 只想著自己 (KnxcjVYI 16/01/23 21:39)
無名氏: (゚∀。)與其刪圖改圖 幹嘛不說多做幾張圖出來 怎麼總覺得出一張新圖會砍幾張舊圖... (VENwJWa2 16/01/23 22:16)
無名氏: 開SPG都給你手選蹲坑諾夫卡之類的平原圖讓你爽炸才好,重坦都不是人 (1T8.8/F. 16/01/23 22:42)
無名氏: 至少重坦又不會受限地圖,砲車進城市圖請問能幹嘛? (LY2t9qmc 16/01/23 23:04)
無名氏: (゚3゚)當然只剩下刺刀和一些固定砲位...除了裝152的SU-5和裝4.5吋砲的5~7階英砲車還能正常打以外 (VENwJWa2 16/01/23 23:34)
無名氏: (゚3゚)砲線平到和RJ的胸部有得比的法砲進城市圖只剩下街口埋伏和轉角遇到愛(攤手 (VENwJWa2 16/01/23 23:37)
無名氏: (゚∀。)可以當砲塔全毀 砲手+炮管壞掉的T49 (ILLYvW8c 16/01/24 02:07)
無名氏: (;´д`)與其改圖 不如新增+1 有太多自走砲難以發揮的地圖了..搞的比一般車難練 (VG5m88Xs 16/01/24 10:50)
無名氏: (・ー・)不過我倒是在Kharkov拿到GWTigerP的M牌...刺刀打掉好多中坦 (VG5m88Xs 16/01/24 10:52)
無名氏: (゚3゚)<沒記錯的話不同季節在MM是當成同一張圖,所以即使沒搞季節版那個情況下你也會連續兩場Ruinberg (p.gCp9ow 16/01/24 21:49)
無名氏: (*´д`)而且自走經驗只有傷害…不像其他車還能有偵傷之類的 (qaq.V38M 16/01/24 23:36)
無標題 名稱: 對官方已不存希望的自走炮玩家 [16/01/24(日)00:20 ID:k89PdbwI (Host: 219.79.*.netvigator.com)] No.36069 1推  
無名氏: 或是去AW玩自走炮,至少AW不會有600mx600m的鳥地圖 (Iev6H44Q 16/01/24 15:08)
無標題 名稱: 無名氏 [16/01/24(日)01:36 ID:RENWIwJQ (Host: 61-227-*.dynamic.hinet.net)] No.36071   
無標題 名稱: 無名氏 [16/01/24(日)11:57 ID:yWf8txIQ (Host: 114-46-*.dynamic.hinet.net)] No.36072 4推  

無名氏: (゚3゚)地圖弄的碎碎的的、再加點掩體來搞定TD太過強勢的問題,然後SPG跟著陪葬.. (yWf8txIQ 16/01/24 11:58)
無名氏: 弄些長形的地圖吧,沒必要限死正方 (dBFEhOZ. 16/01/24 12:15)
無名氏: 弄一些正常大小的地圖,TD跟SPG就能有用多了 (kpKgGfIg 16/01/25 17:27)
製圖員: 你的願望我們聽到了!就來張正常大小的市街圖吧! (QzAl0v9o 16/01/26 19:32)
無標題 名稱: 無名氏 [16/01/24(日)16:56 ID:YK3I.GhU (Host: 114-36-*.dynamic.hinet.net)] No.36073 9推  
 檔名:1453625801542.png-(580 KB) 預覽 580 KB
無名氏: 昨晚在AW就看到貓車長開著豹二在PVE模式中奔馳..... (XWJ8y2mU 16/01/24 17:02)
無名氏: Σ(゚д゚)<窩靠!連示波器也能看到幽香 (8r0SWKvE 16/01/25 02:32)
無名氏: 示波器玩bad apple.... (0YC213Cs 16/01/25 03:23)
無名氏: (*゚∀゚*)別騙人了,這明明是逼逼小子 (qJT9.GAI 16/01/25 03:34)
無名氏: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pzvEouWino (Dq.KMaUk 16/01/25 04:07)
無名氏: 要打PVE去玩單機就好了,網游還在pve.... (bRkJRJBY 16/01/25 13:49)
貓車長◆anL1.Had8w: ゚∀゚)σ<網遊為什麼沒有PVE,那這樣暗黑不就是都要去死了? (NEI2XYoE 16/01/25 17:08)
無名氏: 說真的 史實模式的德國打起來搞不好會像是打殭屍那樣 殺都殺不完(? (Ewt4blI6 16/01/28 02:52)
無名氏: (ノд`゚)<MW和黑色行動表示:不玩PVE劇情我們系列不就只能吃BF拉的屎了嗎? (BSuN6l8I 16/01/30 00:07)
無標題 名稱: 無名氏 [16/01/24(日)18:12 ID:n8ahqF.2 (Host: 111-254-*.dynamic.hinet.net)] No.36074 10推  
 檔名:1453630347535.jpg-(104 KB) 預覽 104 KB
略差的砲-給他支D-10TK 100mm主砲
無名氏: (゚∀。)<可是外觀有點殘念就是了 (i2wDJ/8k 16/01/24 19:16)
原串: TR-77這玩意在之前的QA有提出來過 WG回應說有可能性 但是以科技術來說沒有適當位置 (9Ik1/U4c 16/01/24 19:25)
無名氏: (*゚∀゚*)彡這車好看。 (2H3TsdS. 16/01/24 19:34)
無名氏: 這外型擺明至少是D-10T2S主砲吧,D-10TK太老了,金幣九階應問題不大,只是又多了一台T-54 (W0Qgv4Mo 16/01/24 23:36)
無名氏: 這樣不就超越T-54了...祖國神威顏面何存!? (GhCOo5es 16/01/25 00:30)
無名氏: (*´д`)等等...難怪不給登場 (GhCOo5es 16/01/25 00:30)
無名氏: 長的根遊戲裡t55a一樣阿,沒什新意 (bRkJRJBY 16/01/25 13:42)
無名氏: 這台是T-55皮...豹太太骨啊,雖然沒打過實戰只有在革命時後露臉而已 (GhCOo5es 16/01/25 14:18)
無名氏: ⊂彡☆))∀`)<眼殘看成TT-77 (D/9b..LE 16/01/25 16:23)
無名氏: (・_ゝ・)y━・~..........真要說的話南斯拉夫有更多怪車可以出呢~ (0Z9uD0II 16/01/25 22:46)
無標題 名稱: 無名氏 [16/01/25(一)18:51 ID:iZT3RfSU (Host: 1-168-*.dynamic.hinet.net)] No.36075   
 檔名:1453719060019.jpg-(225 KB) 預覽 225 KB
無標題 名稱: 無名氏 [16/01/26(二)09:16 ID:0ykiASqg (Host: 27-243-*.fetnet.net)] No.36079 4推  

無名氏: ∀゚)ノAX之前已有105砲的照片流出。至於酋長連The Challenger都認為是重坦了,就無奈囉 (YHyI6Ct6 16/01/26 09:59)
無名氏: (´_ゝ`)<能裝20磅的車就能換成L7,即使實際沒裝過也不用懷疑能不能裝上去 (NuKeTvpE 16/01/30 10:41)
無名氏: 那我的AT15也想扛L7... (x3ldL6nA 16/01/30 15:25)
無名氏: (´_ゝ`)<別想了,屎實AT-15只有白板炮的17磅 (QqXDM.RE 16/02/02 21:45)
【Developer Q&A】2016/01/24 名稱: 無名氏 [16/01/26(二)11:41 ID:f2tbtDok (Host: *.google.com)] No.36080   
 檔名:1453779685830.jpg-(153 KB) 預覽 153 KB

Things are very quiet so took the day to rest, read a book (David Fletcher's “The British Tanks 1915-19”) and compile a new Q&A which Slava was very kind to provide. I've also noticed your excitement over Swedish vehicles and have an article written by SP15 about some very interesting designs, I believe that will please you.
昨天沒什麼事,所以放假一天,看了本書(David Fletcher的“英國坦克1915-19”)跟Slava弄了一期新的QA。我還注意到了各位對於瑞典坦克的莫名興奮,所以後面會發布一篇SP15寫的一些關於很有趣的坦克設計的文章,我想想這會讓大家滿意的。:)

Here it is:

The ingame report system came under criticism lately. Would it be possible to give other players compliment like in Warships? Also some kind of karma for your stats like in Warships would be nice. Just to add some positivity to the game and the community.

Good idea, why not. But that's not going to solve the problem of negative comments ingame – the reason for those is mostly huge gap between good players and not so good.

For MM improvement I'd like to see 2 things. Tier 3 and below never seeing a tier 5 tank and never seeing a battle more than 1 tier above or below.

We plan to simplify 1-4 tier gameplay, this one will probably be included.

Could you ask what will become of super high alpha tanks like jaegeroo, waffen and death star?
那種單發傷害超高的車,比如E-100,WT E-100和FV215b(183)會變成啥樣?

Alpha damage will be reworked (less dmg per shot), WT100 needs a replacement badly. HESH shells should have their own separate game mechanics
單發傷害會被重製(會下調),WT E-100急需替換。HESH彈的話應該要有自己單獨的機制才行。

“And no MM improvement?!”

-“Yes there would be MM improvement. What kind of Improvement are you asking for?”

Personally, I like to see the algorithm be optimized to better balance out tank types and tiers between teams.

Far too often I see teams which either have: A) a huge numerical benefit in terms of the nr. of heavies they get assigned, thus creating an gulf of HP and firepower vs the other team. Or B) lack the above, due to mostly consisting of meds and turretless vehicles. Thus can be easily outplayed in terms of HP + firepower diff between the teams.
Players skill sometimes can make up for this, but that's a random occurrence.
我之前的話看過太多這種隊伍: 1)一隊重坦太多太多,導致火力和總血量比對面高出一大截或者是2)沒有這麼多重坦,全是中坦和無砲塔車輛,然後就被對面用血量優勢翻盤了有的時候玩家本身的水平也可以彌補一些差距,但是玩家水平也算是個隨機事件而已

“How about just decreasing the damage of prem. ammo by 50% .<snip>”

-No. Rebalancing prem ammo is okay tho . Things like 420 pen HEAT will have to go away.

Can Slava explain on this? It is a bit contradicting to read 'no' followed by 're-balancing prem ammo is okay'. What did he have in mind, what direction? In which direction should we, us players, be thinking in regards to your vision on how this is could be rebalanced?

“Personally, I like to see the algorithm be optimized to better balance out tank types and tiers between teams.”
【Developer Q&A】2016/01/24 名稱: 無名氏 [16/01/26(二)11:47 ID:sF.KSgKk (Host: *.google.com)] No.36081 19推  
 檔名:1453780079948.jpg-(266 KB) 預覽 266 KB
Far too often I see teams which either have: A) a huge numerical benefit in terms of the nr. of heavies they get assigned, thus creating an gulf of HP and firepower vs the other team. Or B) lack the above, due to mostly consisting of meds and turretless vehicles. Thus can be easily outplayed in terms of HP + firepower diff between the teams.
Players skill sometimes can make up for this, but that's a random occurrence.
我之前的話看過太多這種隊伍: 1)一隊重坦太多太多,導致火力和總血量比對面高出一大截或者是2)沒有這麼多重坦,全是中坦和無砲塔車輛,然後就被對面用血量優勢翻盤了有的時候玩家本身的水平也可以彌補一些差距,但是玩家水平也算是個隨機事件而已

“How about just decreasing the damage of prem. ammo by 50% .<snip>”

-No. Rebalancing prem ammo is okay tho . Things like 420 pen HEAT will have to go away.

Can Slava explain on this? It is a bit contradicting to read 'no' followed by 're-balancing prem ammo is okay'. What did he have in mind, what direction? In which direction should we, us players, be thinking in regards to your vision on how this is could be rebalanced?

“Personally, I like to see the algorithm be optimized to better balance out tank types and tiers between teams.”

Not types , tank roles, yes – eg every team needs a scout, check or – every team needs an ambush TD on that map, check, things like that are planned but there is another idea that would work together with better role MM – there should be several ways to win a map. On bad maps we have a single spot that basically defines the outcome of the game, so if you need to defend it – heavier team has an advantage, if you need to capture it – faster team wins. That's bad map design, you shouldn't win by default just because your team has more meds and the map is decided by capturing certain hill and that's it, no other way to win, we need to avoid such a mistake.

On rebalancing gold – gold ammo should be better, but that doesn't always mean better penetration. How about more damage per gold shot? or super powerful HE shell? Let's say you have a JPE100 with 299mm pen, superpowerful gold HE would be useful so you can kinda cosplay FV183mm. 420mm HEAT? Well, that's certainly nice unless you're on a receiving end of said HEAT.
關於平衡金幣彈的話—金幣彈應該要比常規彈藥更好,但是這並不意味著穿深就要更高。比如說金幣彈傷害提高?或者是超強力的HE彈怎麼樣?比方說你有個299穿的百突,超強力版HE可以用來把你偽裝成FV215b 183.但是至於420mm的HEAT嘛,你打起來肯定很爽,但是被打的人就……

Another example – some kind of a sniper tank that has regular ammo and gold HEAT.What about replacing HEAT with subcaliber shell with a lot better speed? Say, exchange 330mm pen HEAT with 310mm subcaliber that flies at 1500m/s? So you still have a better gold ammo yet it allows you to snipe better for the price of less pen compared to old HEAT
再舉個例子好了—某種遠程黑槍車有常規彈藥和金幣HEAT彈。把HEAT換成速度高 ​​的次口徑彈怎麼樣?比如說把330穿的HEAT換成彈速1500m/s的次口徑彈呢?這樣的話依然可以在遠處更好的黑槍,但是代價就是相對於HEAT來說穿深降低了。

On the smoke screen subject:

Apparently even KV-1 had smoke emitters installed (not the version working with exhaust, just a smoke grenade attached to the tank)

I also promised one of you, “Hans vonLuck” that would ask a clarification to Slava on the Crew Skill idea that we talked on the Cyprus Meeting:
無名氏: 到底對JPE100的金彈有什麼偏見阿...420穿HEAT這麼久了都沒什麼人靠夭,也沒讓這台車多強勢 (rN62NqPM 16/01/26 15:37)
原串: 不希望有無敵穿甲彈吧 (f2tbtDok 16/01/26 16:08)
無名氏: (╬゚д゚)ノ彡┴─┴有次用HEAT打obj140正面竟然彈掉 140愣住停下來看我 過幾秒公頻:lol really? (qLNPi/hY 16/01/26 23:10)
無名氏: (╬゚д゚)然後接下來就sop流程了 被超強機動狗屁屁然後被慢慢戳死 (qLNPi/hY 16/01/26 23:12)
無名氏: 420穿的HEAT也不是打哪穿哪的...要說有什麼地方打不穿也能說出一大堆 (rN62NqPM 16/01/26 23:31)
無名氏: 說是那樣說,但還是高出其他人一大截,加上過高的單發威力,對八九階的小車太不友善 (jlQXFalE 16/01/27 15:32)
無名氏: T10以上本來就很容易僵持,有個一兩台像百驅這種一發幾乎必重殘的在,只會讓那種大家瞪眼到結束的場變多 (jlQXFalE 16/01/27 15:37)
無名氏: 沒搞清楚重點,首先打小車根本 (RlwfHBIQ 16/01/27 18:37)
無名氏: 沒搞清楚重點...JgE100打小車上HEAT根本自找麻煩,它的HEAT就是專門拿來對付賣裝甲的 (RlwfHBIQ 16/01/27 18:39)
無名氏: 420穿是專門拿來對付像IS7或是E3這種卡在機車位置的,平常299穿AP彈已非常夠用 (RlwfHBIQ 16/01/27 18:42)
無名氏: 多的是拿來揍小車,像是只露頭的-8或M103 (jlQXFalE 16/01/27 18:54)
無名氏: 而且重點是殘局的時候,不管它到底有沒有裝上金彈,光是知道那附近有台百驅就夠讓一堆小車連探頭開光都不敢 (jlQXFalE 16/01/27 18:55)
無名氏: 420穿配千傷的震懾力太強,搞的僵持不下的場合過多,這才是重點 (jlQXFalE 16/01/27 18:57)
無名氏: (・ω・)講得好像29x穿+破千傷就沒有震懾力 (bI6PGI1M 16/01/27 20:32)
無名氏: 這種大根重車最怕的就是小車好嗎,一直探頭點亮你就夠給壓力了,巨根不是中坦炮隨瞄隨射 (RlwfHBIQ 16/01/27 22:19)
無名氏: 再大強的炮沒打中就什麼也不是 (RlwfHBIQ 16/01/27 22:23)
無名氏: 看看這車的卓越%數就知道,玩這車的玩家超過一半以上平均一場打不到2炮滿傷的 (RlwfHBIQ 16/01/27 22:26)
原串: (;゚д゚)現在才發現原來有的重複了 算了 應該不影響閱讀吧 (RxtXcHzE 16/01/29 21:19)
紅色蘿莉控: (`・ω・´)<威力在強.打不中也沒有意義 (QKCoRaOA 16/02/03 11:40)
【Developer Q&A】2016/01/24 名稱: 無名氏 [16/01/26(二)11:51 ID:sF.KSgKk (Host: *.google.com)] No.36082 7推  
 檔名:1453780313695.jpg-(579 KB) 預覽 579 KB
Well there will be grindable skills such as repair or camo and active skills such as clutch braking for example. Grindable skills work passively, sixth sense for example you do nothing to use it but active skills you need to manually activate, they would work for a short period and there will be a cooldown. Let's say you can use clutch braking skill to gain gun stabilization for 20 seconds, next time you can use it is in say 5 minutes so you have to pick the right moment, let's say some kind of engine overload, 20%+ acceleration for 20 seconds – if you need to get close to a TD or if you need to climb an important hill, etc, use it.

Things like master of ramming will go there as well so at some point we plan to convert the skills and crews, there will be just one entity called the captain or commander or leader, something like that.

無名氏: (つд⊂)<立意是很好但是操作變得複雜不會導致很多玩家棄坑嗎? (7WXBq2ZY 16/01/26 15:39)
匿名: 我平常是通訊員 但是啟動技能後我就會變成沙包 (9b4AR93o 16/01/26 20:05)
無名氏: (゚∀。)<我平常是沙包 但是啟動技能後我就會變成通訊員 (xTrtzaMY 16/01/26 22:37)
通訊員: (゚∀。)<我平常是裝甲 但是啟動技能後我就會變成反應裝甲 (3ZLla8js 16/01/27 07:19)
MM糧食包: (゚∀。)<我平常是MM的口糧 但是啟動技能後我就會變成伏特加 (ARrPRTj. 16/01/27 17:35)
無名氏: 樓上效果是全體組員熟練度+200%嗎!!? (ehvMv.Eo 16/01/29 21:03)
無名氏: (゚∀。)不對吧 明明就是RNG影響變3倍 (yd3jQLeA 16/01/29 21:25)
New HD Model:IS-6 名稱: 無名氏 [16/01/29(五)20:59 ID:yd3jQLeA (Host: *.google.com)] No.36105 8推  
 檔名:1454072341629.jpg-(287 KB) 預覽 287 KB

seems like not only the M44 but also the IS-6 armor got fixed on time for the 9.14 patch.
Took awhile to write this one as I was waiting for a source confirmation as the HD aesthetic parts of the vehicle haven't changed and I wanted to make sure that was passing you the right stuff

105 leFH18B2, T1 Heavy Tank & VK 72.01 (k):


Chi-Ni, Crusader, VK 30.01 (H):

A-20, AMX 50 Foch (155), M44 & Chi-Ha:

T-25, AT 15, Nashorn & Type 5 Ke-Ho:

T28 Prototype, M53/M55, T40 & Type 3 Chi-Nu:


上次哀號不能用長88硬穿臉頰的太太 他還是會來的....
無名氏: 這IS-6看起來好像變硬了 (7W2A39zw 16/01/29 21:06)
無名氏: (゚3゚)看上去有變硬,但頭皮車長都被突出了 (a7Jm.qHM 16/01/29 21:27)
yd3jQLeA: 我記得有之前QA的裝甲比較圖 樓上可以去找找 (.b5nlpxw 16/01/29 21:27)
無名氏: Σ(゚д゚)<頭皮好像變好削了 (t6qhBme6 16/01/29 21:56)
無名氏: T28P頭頂封起來了! (J/kOMAbU 16/01/29 23:05)
無名氏: FV304:完了,又少一個EXP&銀幣提款機了..... (BSuN6l8I 16/01/30 00:10)
無名氏: (つд⊂)<看到在想陸龜不是已經HD了,愣一下發現他是AT15,T28P真的要變重坦了? (7rQ3E.kk 16/01/30 03:12)
T28P: |∀゚)つ゛只要剪了獅子的鬃毛,失去的頭皮都能再長回來(看向奶油獅 (Gv5pcw5w 16/02/01 11:25)
無標題 名稱: 無名氏 [16/01/30(六)21:10 ID:I4U7qIGI (Host: *.google.com)] No.36114 3推  
 檔名:1454159406086.jpg-(139 KB) 預覽 139 KB
>>無名氏: 這IS-6看起來好像變硬了 (7W2A39zw 16/01/29 21:06)

無名氏: (*゚∀゚*)<頭皮有坡度出來了,真是太棒了(口徑碾壓意味) (L/SqV4SY 16/01/30 21:45)
無名氏: (*゚∀゚*)<不過HD之後-6之間的對戰會更有趣 (L/SqV4SY 16/01/30 21:46)
無名氏: 投幣孔下方那塊升到110,等效會破兩百,這會讓不少八階車變的有點難正面上她... (TDmge0ts 16/01/30 23:53)
超測服洩露:拉斯威利的改動 名稱: 無名氏 [16/02/02(二)20:52 ID:oXzi561U (Host: *.google.com)] No.36133   
 檔名:1454417537076.gif-(1084 KB) 預覽 1084 KB

Lakeville has received some changes in Supertest:

1- Area where LT's usually hide have been moved to the center.

2- Terrain has been changed and some vegetation was removed.

3- House blocks are now prominent.

4- Church has been placed in a different angle

Most of these changes are being made ​​most likely incentive players to stop lemming on the 1-2 line and to make the life of those who tend to camp near south base and mid more difficult although those who spawn on south are still able to shoot D8 -9 road from middle. Those who spawn north have lost the D8 (3 illuminated area) dented corner which provides some protection between reloads and capping.

無標題 名稱: 無名氏 [16/02/03(三)08:57 ID:RuCM/JSA (Host: 223-138-*.emome-ip.hinet.net)] No.36135 3推  

幹 這樣以後北軍沒辦法在教堂伸縮炮了
NO.36133: 不對 南軍要打那邊得跑到北軍基地附近才打得到 (vnUsqMaA 16/02/03 09:05)
無名氏: 其實..不管哪一軍以現在的情況有砲塔的車子在中間都不用過中線就能黑教堂兩側了 (bQTSwEpg 16/02/03 17:29)
無名氏: 本來就不管南北軍都不能在教堂伸縮炮,沒人黑你只是對面不知道可以黑而已 (bQTSwEpg 16/02/03 17:30)
9.14的新金幣車:leKpz M41 90 mm 名稱: 無名氏 [16/02/03(三)09:37 ID:DD.9unW6 (Host: *.google.com)] No.36136 8推  
 檔名:1454463465810.jpg-(689 KB) 預覽 689 KB

seems like the tier 7 German leKpz M 41 90 mm ​​is finally making its way into the game, there are some new screenshots and updated stats :
7級德國金幣車leKpz M 41 90mm ​​終於要實裝了,以下是截圖和部分數據:

German variant of the M41A1 Walker Bulldog light tank modernization. The main change was the replacement of the 76mm M32 gun that was re-bored to 90mm and was made ​​425mm shorter.
德國對於M41A4沃克猛犬的現代化改修版。主要改動就是把原來的76mm M32炮重新搪大到了90mm,並且鋸短了425mm。

數據: 7級金幣輕坦 血量: 900 發動機出力: 500馬力 重量: 23,5噸 推重比: 21.28馬力/噸 極速: 72,4/24 km/h 車身轉速: ​​54°/秒

砲塔轉速: ​​52 ,1°/秒 地形阻力: 0,575/0,671/1,151 視野: 400 無線電範圍: 745 車身裝甲: 25,4/25,4/? mm 砲塔裝甲: 25,4/25,4/? mm

主砲: 90/76 mm US-Kanone M 32

均傷: 240/240/320

均穿: 170/206/102

DPM: 2085,7

射速: 8,69

裝填時間: 6,904

精度: 0,384


90瘋狗要出了 這串快被我弄成QA串了(`・ω・´)
無名氏: (;゚д゚)<再加上t-44/100 is-3(p) 到底還有多少複製金車啊 (VJ.Td136 16/02/03 11:00)
無名氏: (゚∀゚)<這外表讓我好心動阿 (7ngmXg0g 16/02/03 11:29)
無名氏: 複製金車應該可以出一堆 那些資料都有 畢竟有些車輛的泛用性太廣 (Zi787dpA 16/02/03 11:31)
原串: (´◓Д◔`)Ԡ我也很想買 我251 4技組員在蠢蠢欲動啦 (3PfdvYNQ 16/02/03 11:32)
無名氏: 開新帖吧 弄了一大串前面都看過很久了 你在作沙威馬喔 (yk/QsnuE 16/02/03 13:29)
無名氏: ⊂彡☆))∀`)沙威瑪好吃,某些車就像薩克跟吉姆,科技樹點不完的 (zIQZVVfE 16/02/03 13:41)
無名氏: 光看砲的話SP1C還比較強,填裝7秒 金穿206..... 還不如出金幣偵查豹 (lYsH9utM 16/02/03 14:15)
原串: 金幣彈可能有誤 (3PfdvYNQ 16/02/03 14:50)
蟋蟀15的數據更新 名稱: 無名氏 [16/02/03(三)09:45 ID:Zi787dpA (Host: *.google.com)] No.36137 16推  
 檔名:1454463958316.jpg-(917 KB) 預覽 917 KB
Please ladies contain your spasms , have some screenshots for you and updated stats of the Grille 15 (Waffentrager auf E 100 replacement, its not yet clear whether is coming next patch):
弄了一些蟋蟀15的數據和截圖(這輛是WT E-100的替換用車,但是現在還不確定是不是下個版本就會被換掉)

By the summer of 1942, the German land forces command made ​​a contract with the companies Krupp and Rheinmetall to create a SPG on the Panther hull. Several variants with 128mm K43 gun and 15cm sFH 43 howitzer were considered. These projects were called Grille 12 and Grille 15. Their armament was located in the back of the vehicle and they were different from each other only by the type of the gun. Later on, requirements were issued to install the 15cm L/63 gun on Grille 15 chassis. This gun could penetrate 200mm of armor at 4000 meters. The project was however stopped and no prototype was built.
1942年的夏天,德國陸軍和克虜伯以及萊茵金屬公司簽了一份合同,要求他們在豹式的底盤上造出一個自走火砲來。他們曾經造出過用128mm K43炮和用15cm sFH 43榴彈砲的兩個版本,分別叫做蟋蟀12和蟋蟀15。這兩輛車的主砲都在車身後方,而這兩種車唯一的差距就只是主砲而已。後來軍方的要求變成了在蟋蟀15的底盤上安裝15cm L/63炮。這杆炮可以在4000米的距離上擊穿200mm的裝甲。然而這個計劃最後被終止了,也沒有原型車被造了出來。

數據: 10級TD 血量: 1800 發動機出力: 900 馬力重量: 40噸 推重比: 22,5馬力/噸 極速: 60/20 km/h 車身轉速: ​​26°/秒 砲塔轉速: ​​90°/秒— -兩側100°
地形阻力: 1.055/1,151/1,918 視野: 400 無線電範圍:750,9 車身裝甲: 30/16/? 砲塔裝甲: ?/0/?

主砲: 15cm L/63 (無彈夾)
均傷: 750/750/950
均穿: 279/334/75
射速: 4,171
DPM: 3962,9(這是HE的DPM,AP的DPM為3128.25)
裝填時間: 14,348s
百米散佈: 0,259
瞄準時間: 2,21s
俯仰角: -8/+15

NO.36137: Σ(゚д゚)還真不是普通的醜.... (Zi787dpA 16/02/03 09:47)
(´・ω・`): 府腳都是指正前方所以兩側會有更好的俯角對嗎? (XCrVNeOY 16/02/03 10:16)
NO.36137: 應該是沒錯 (vnUsqMaA 16/02/03 10:37)
無名氏: (`・ω・´)<這個外型...我超想說法新TD線AMX 13155呢? (QKCoRaOA 16/02/03 11:44)
原串: (*´ω`*)不知道 樓上說的新法TD線沒有下文了 而且舊QA我也沒看到有這消息 詳細一下 (vnUsqMaA 16/02/03 11:52)
無名氏: 我是不希望換...跟酋長一樣,科技樹多開一格不好嗎? WT E100可算是T10場的吉祥物之一耶 (.grIkSV6 16/02/03 13:03)
無名氏: 之前不科學的FV215b也是說不換就不換...WG你有沒有節操= = (.grIkSV6 16/02/03 13:03)
無名氏: 如果這車的隱蔽有12%以上的話,又有通訊員,可以當暴力輕坦了。 (hwlbT3Jw 16/02/03 13:35)
無名氏: 當初WTE100出來時被當成外星戰車(外觀),現在看看蟋蟀15,雖然沒威嚇性至少臉皮面積變小了 (zIQZVVfE 16/02/03 13:45)
無名氏: 用暴力彈莢換隱蔽跟被彈面積不知划不划算(還是會遭HE打臉的 (zIQZVVfE 16/02/03 13:47)
無名氏: 砲塔轉速 90°/秒..... 不對吧 輕坦別想繞了 (9RndA9lE 16/02/03 21:08)
無名氏: 那是砲塔最大迴轉範圍 (ZpEOj81E 16/02/03 21:58)
無名氏: 蟋蟀15不是跟自走虎同一個底盤嗎,怎搞成豹式.. (c0s/fza6 16/02/03 22:03)
無名氏: 醜不醜另當別論啦~整體協調感很差,就好像一個太太硬要扛著Schwerer Gustav 走一樣怪 (g3wSyJNE 16/02/03 22:59)
無名氏: 已現在地圖來看從超級爆發車轉超級黑槍車感覺並沒有比較好..... (xVFGmS3k 16/02/03 23:19)
無名氏: 但我覺得至少把這整線的特性弄到一致了.....(整線真的只有WTF-100不用黑槍) (U82b2PVY 16/02/04 02:29)